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Joining the family

A service of welcome
into our faith community




God calls us to be a family of faith:

young and old,  children and parents,
grandparents,  brothers,  sisters and friends.

God invites us to learn and grow together.

We give thanks to God that our learning
and growing never end.

God provides for us
people and places of belonging.

God welcomes us to worship
in this place and at this time.

Because God loves and welcomes us first:

we are able to be a community
of love and welcome for others.

Because God's Spirit goes with us:

we are able to greet others
as fellow-travellers and friends.

Today we welcome David and Trish
into the life of this community.

We give thanks to God for them  --
for the gifts that they bring;
for the faith that has been part of their journey so far;
for their willingness to join with us
as we learn and grow in grace together.

There are many different gifts:

but it is the same Spirit who gives them.

There are many different ways of serving God:

but it is the same God who is served.

God works through different persons in different ways:

but it is the same God
whose purpose is at work in them all.

Just as the body is one and has many members,
and all the members of the body,
though many are one body,
so it is with Christ.

For in the one Spirit
we were baptized into the one body.
Now we are the body of Christ
and individually members of it.

David and Trish,  we welcome you
as members of Christ's body in this place.
As you join the family
of the Dunedin Methodist parish
we invite you to share in the privilege
of finding good in everyone
and finding God in everyone,
in the name of Jesus of Nazareth,
whose loving way we follow.

   A blessing is spoken or sung together.



(This liturgy was created by the Revd Dr Geoff King.
The words in bold type were said by everyone together.)


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