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My driving and my neighbour


Scripture:   Genesis 4:1-9

Every day,  Lord,  I am grateful for our car.   It may not be a late model and it costs plenty to keep,  but it has become an indispensable part of our lives.

It rests idle in the garage until we need to travel  -  to the supermarket,  to visit friends or family,  to church,  to the doctor,  for a picnic or on holiday  -  but it is there when we need it.   Unless we neglect it or abuse it our car remains our faithful servant,  enlarging our range of living,  quietly awaiting our will.   Kings in the past had no such servant.

But,  Lord,  as with all good gifts,  we can misuse our cars.   I think of the carnage of road accidents,  of impatient,  inconsiderate and reckless drivers putting others at risk.   When I take the wheel I hold others' lives and welfare in my hands.   I am my brother's and sister's keeper on the road even if I have never met them.

I may get impatient in traffic jams and angry with jay walkers.   I may run traffic lights when I'm late and break speed limits when no traffic officer is around.   When I meet inconsiderate drivers I may feel road rage,  even if I don't act on it.   Sometimes when I'm tired or preoccupied my attention wanders and I endanger myself and others.

Why do I not show the same care and courtesy when driving as I do in my daily face-to-face encounters?   May I never forget that driving is part of my discipleship.   Has the driver of the other car ceased to be my neighbour because both of us are isolated in our cars?

So,  Lord,  grant me the grace of careful and safe driving.   May I remain a faithful steward of my neighbour's as well as my own good.


©  Selwyn Dawson


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