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The distant stars  -  and me


Scripture:   Psalm 8

Lord,  there are nights when the skies are clear and the stars are out  -  so many that I cannot begin to count.

I have learned that the universe is vaster and older than I can imagine.

I know that we live for one brief moment on this tiny planet circling in space,  and are gone.

How can I believe that the Creator of all that is can know about me or care about me?   How can I expect you to listen to my prayers?

Yet my gospel tells me in picture language that you planted a garden,  breathed your own life into Adam and Eve,  and gave them the freedom and responsibility of choice.   It's an old story,  Lord,  but it reminds me that you are still the God of Adam and Eve,  of Abraham,  Isaac,  and Jacob.

I know that Jesus grew up in Nazareth,  worked for a living,  was sometimes tempted,  hungry,  tired,  disappointed and misunderstood,  as I am.   He suffered and died,  truly one of us  -  a son of humankind,  God's word made flesh.

Somehow I have to hold both your grandeur and your nearness in my mind.

When I feel insignificant,  remind me that the God who made the stars also made me,  knows my name,  cares about me and all his other children.

I am a citizen of your kingdom.   Do not let me be intimidated by the vastness of space and the brevity of life.   Through Jesus I can know all I need to know  to do justly,  love mercy,  and walk humbly with my God.

I can marvel at the stars,  yet say my prayers like a child.

I can never know all about you,  but in Jesus I can see your face.

         Thanks be to God.   Amen.

©  Selwyn Dawson


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