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Jesus the Light


Scripture:   John 9:1-12,35-41

You are called by many names in the scriptures,  Lord Jesus.

      When I think of you as the Good Shepherd,
         I find comfort and strength.
      When I recall that you are the Bread of Life,  I remember
         that the soul has its hungers,  just as much as the body,
         and am glad of the nourishment of faith.
      And then,  Lord,  you are the Light of the World.

sometimes I feel gloomy and depressed because of the darkness around me,  which casts its shadow over lives and homes,  streets,  cities and nations.

Sometimes I sense something of darkness in my own heart  -  ignorance and anxiety,  greed and cowardice,  inertia and envy.

When I cannot find my way through my doubts and depression,  may I turn my thoughts to you,  who once said:

      I am the light of the world.   Whoever follows me
      will never walk in darkness,  but have the light of life.

Then,  Lord,  I know that the clouds will lift and the light begin to break through.

In darker moments may your spirit remind me that you are with me,  that so long as I walk my daily road with you I will never be alone,  never utterly lost  -  even when I pass through the valley of the shadow.   May I never choose the actions and habits,  the thoughts and desires,  that belong to the darkness.

Keep the light of love,  the light of conscience,  the light of hope,  the light of faith burning in my heart,  dear Lord,  and help me to walk bravely on my way until I am safely home.


©  Selwyn Dawson


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