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The true riches


Scripture:   Philippians 4:10-20

O Lord of light and love,  save me from valuing money and possessions beyond their true worth.   Daily I am tempted to buy so many things I do not need.   Sometimes I grow envious of others who have what I cannot afford.

Help me to remember that I follow one who  had no place to lay his head,  and when he died was laid in a borrowed tomb.   Lord,  I am already rich.  On my walls are pictures of my family  -  and members of my wider family,  aiga,  whanau.   Nearby live friendly neighbours.   Each Sunday I am surrounded by my other family,  the church.   I enjoy the comforts of home and garden and the treasures of the spirit  -  my books and music,  laughter and song.

Grant me the spirit of your servant Paul who knew  what it is to have little and to have plenty,  yet went on to write,  in any and all circumstances I have learned to be content with whatever I have.   Help me to recognise where my true wealth lies  -  in those I love,  worthwhile work,  and good causes to serve.   Each day I enjoy home comforts and those precious gifts of nature no money can buy.

And,  Lord,  since I must handle money every day,  teach me its true value,  so that I may neither squander nor hoard it,  nor allow it to become my master.   St Paul tells me that I am to live by  the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,  who though he was rich,  yet for our sakes he became poor,  so that by his poverty we might become rich.   Keep me,  I pray,  in that grace.


©  Selwyn Dawson


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