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Scripture:   Romans 8:18-30

O God,  if impatience is waiting in a hurry,  I am often guilty of it.   When I want something I want it now,  and when it doesn't come I feel aggrieved.

But you are Lord of the ages as well as God of today.   Is it possible that what I want so urgently today may not be in my own or others' interests?   Besides,  To everything there is a season,  and my clamant wants may be premature.   I cannot hurry the children's growth but only nurture and protect them while they grow.

Again,  could I sometimes answer my own prayers myself instead of praying with folded hands?

I know that not all prayers can be in accordance with your will.   Jesus in Gethsemane was able to pray,  "Not my will but thine be done."   Can I learn his acceptance?   I know that I am at my worst when I fret and fuss and at my best when,  having done all I can,  I learn to live with the outcome.   I read in Isaiah,  In returning and rest shall you be saved.   In quietness and trust shall be your strength.   Teach me to know the difference between childish demands and eager expectation.

Our Lord taught us to believe and pray and work for the time of the coming of your kingdom,  when your will is done on earth as in heaven.   He lived and died for that great hope,  but at Golgotha his enemies seemed to have extinguished that hope.   They failed.   Today we can watch for the signs and signals of that kingdom and work to further it.

That hope means so much more than my immediate wants and gives me steadiness for the long haul.

Grant me this grace,  Lord.


©  Selwyn Dawson


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