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The quest for holiness


Scripture:   John 1:43-51

Lord Jesus,  those you chose as your followers were very ordinary people,  yet you loved them,  believed in them,  trusted them,  built your church on them.   Sometimes they failed you,  were slow to grasp what you were on about,  were easily discouraged,  quarrelled among themselves  -  yet you never repudiated or abandoned them.   Now we remember them as saints.

They were made of common stuff,  and so am I.   In my best moments I too want to become that kind of saint,  in no way perfect,  but never quite forgetting whose I am and whom I serve.

Sometimes I find myself drifting away from that vision,  going through the motions of discipleship but no longer really committed.   Is there any real difference between me and my decent non-churchgoing friends?   Am I just well-behaved and respectable when you want me to be so much more?

  • Remind me again that the gospel is good news rather than good advice,  and that you summon me to be holy,  Christlike.
  • Give me again a sense of wonder that you knew my name,  came to meet me,  called me to follow and set your stamp on me.
  • Help me to see the world through your eyes.
  • Show me what changes I must make if I am to start to keep growing in faith and hope and love.
  • Are there concrete steps I can take right now?  
Let me begin each new day by listening for the inner prompting of your spirit and not be afraid if you set my hands to new tasks or call me to new adventures of friendship or service.


©  Selwyn Dawson


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