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Facing change


Scripture:   Genesis 28:10-17

This week,  Lord,  a new phase in my life begins.   I'm apprehensive of what may lie ahead,  but,  whether I like it or not,  this is an experience I must undergo.

When Jacob fled from home and found himself alone in the desert with night coming on you visited him in a dream,  and showed him that even there  this is none other than the house of God,  and this is the gate of heaven.   I don't expect any such miracle or vision for myself,  but I would like to be sure in my heart that I will not lose the sense of your presence as I enter this new stage in my own life journey.

Dear Lord,  give me courage to deal with the changes which will be thrust upon me:

  • the strength to do what has to be done;
  • the patience to endure what must be endured;
  • the wisdom to make the right decisions;
  • the resilience to adapt to new ways,  new duties and new people.

May I not let anxieties cloud my judgment or any sense of aloneness cause me to feel abandoned.   Alert me to new opportunities for friendship,  for learning,  for growth,  for new achievements and enlargements.   May I know deep in my heart that there is no God-forsaken place or situation under heaven.

So may I find peace through my prayers,  guidance through your word,  and strength through the Christian fellowship.   I rest on the same promise you made to your first disciples,  Lo,  I am with you always  -  even to the end of the age.


©  Selwyn Dawson


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