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A time of loss


Scripture:   2 Corinthians 4:6-18

O God,  my comforter and strength,  this has been a sad week.   Someone who has been part of my life almost as long as I can remember has died.   I am going to miss him sorely.   I have had to realise again that death comes to us all and that nothing we do or set our hearts on lasts forever.

Sometimes in my busy life I forget,  make false choices,  and live only for myself and only for today.   Little by little I lose touch with you.   Then I am jolted by the death of someone close to me and anxiety takes over.   I'm forced to ask big questions about life and its meaning,  about death and its finality.

So it was good during the funeral service to be reminded through scripture and hymns that in life and in death we and those we love are never out of your care,  that life has a meaning and eternal values  -  that Jesus himself died,  tasting death for every one of us.

Help me to accept our Lord's promise that  because I live,  you shall live also  and leave myself and those I love in your hands.

Teach me to live every day with thanksgiving, with Jesus as my friend and example,  speak to me words of comfort and strength,  so that I can live bravely,  knowing that I am not alone.   In life or in death I am the Lord's.   Renew my faith and love and hope and keep me close to you.


©  Selwyn Dawson


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