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On being ill


Scripture:   2 Corinthians 12:1-10

Lord,  you know I've always prided myself on being vigorous and active,  able to do a day's work,  sleep and wake up ready for the new day.   Things are different now.   I have to ration my strength.   Now I know weariness and pain  -  have had to put myself in the hands of the doctor and depend on pills and potions to see me through.

Worse still,  Lord,  others must now wait on me,  and I find that hard to take.   I don't want to be a burden to those I love and have to watch others bear loads I once so cheerfully carried.

A shadow of anxiety lies over me as I ask myself what lies ahead.   Now,  if ever,  I must rely on you for sustaining grace.   I ask for healing and others are praying for me also,  but I know that I mustn't use my prayers as a kind of magic.   Illness is a part of life for everyone,  soon or late.   Why should I ask to be exempt?

Lord,  help me to rest in you and leave tomorrow in your hands.

  • Help me to be a good patient,  uncomplaining and undemanding,  co-operating with those who look after me,  learning to be still.
  • Give me the grace to receive without being able to give much in return.
  • Teach me to make the best of what strength I still have and to remember that my present calling is to be a good patient.

Then,  Lord,  if I am restored to health and strength may I take up my life with thankfulness,  a wiser,  kinder,  more understanding person because I have passed through this valley.   And if not,  Lord,  never let me forget that you passed this way for me and I am in your hands forever.


©  Selwyn Dawson


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