Practical Dreamers
How it really happened

Trish Patrick


There are many creation stories and, as with any story handed down from generation to generation, there is an element of truth in each.  These truths are gathered together, for the first time, in one story.

In the beginning there was father god, mother god, and God the son dwelling in eternal infinity.  Mother and Father god had big plans.  They had a vision.  A vision of galaxies, stars, suns, moons and planets.  Systems of ordered beauty, which would bring forth life of unlimited diversity and variety.

To this end, they worked tirelessly (they were God after all) in their infinite laboratory, situated at the bottom of their infinite garden, carefully crafting the essential cosmic components of their creation.  But their piece de resistance - the formation of seed souls, created in their own image and stored in the heavenly vaults of the infinite laboratory, at the bottom of the infinite garden.  As each seed soul was lovingly and uniquely fashioned, they hummed to themselves a tune:

       " Every soul is sacred,
       Every soul is great.
       If a soul is wasted,
       We'll be quite irate."       (Apologies to Monty Python)

From the beginning, the son watched his parents, taking an intense interest, and growing in the knowledge and love of creation.  However, as we all know, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.  So it was that at some time,  (for want of a word for something that isn't yet)  God the parents took a well earned break, and headed for the popular "Black Hole" for a cosmic latte.

Now, as a thousand years in god's eyes, could be as a day, the divine smoko would be approximately six years, forty nine weeks, one day, seventeen hours, nineteen minutes and fifty eight point one seconds, (give or take a decimal point).  This was plenty of time for the first begotten son to go to the infinite shed, at the bottom of the infinite garden, to do what first begotten sons do best – Fiddle! ! !

Entering the laboratory, he noted again the inscription over the door lintel," Womb with a View", and wondered " What is a womb?  What is a view?"

Once inside, he noted the orderliness with which his parents had organised their work space.  Coils of time stored in worm holes.  Cans of quarks next to containers of neutrons, positrons, and atoms.  Jars of light and dark in varying shades next to spectra of colour.  Sealed cylinders of energy separated from urns of fission and fusion.

And, of course, there were the seed souls, safely housed in the heavenly vaults awaiting the calmly created, carefully placed planets to which they would be personally presented in the fullness of time.

The son took all this in and thought, "I can help!"  And set about gathering the ingredients for some creating of his own.  Some time later, as God the parents were thinking about returning to the Infinite shed, at the bottom of the infinite garden, to resume their careful work of creation, there was a cataclysmic cosmic explosion.  The heavens were rent asunder.  There was fission and fusion everywhere.  The energy was limitless.  Light and particles were scattered at unimaginable speeds.  But, time stood still, before slowly starting to uncoil.

Above the tremendous cacophony, the first begotten son heard the voice of his divinely flabergasted parents –


The God family watched spellbound, as chaos birthed creation – from the womb of God.

Wow!.... what a view!

However –

This was NOT part of their vast eternal plan.  Then God the father spoke.  " I have a cunning plan, So cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a .....COMET.   Creation is happening!  Let it be so!"  And so it was.

And God saw that it was good.

But, God the father and God the Mother wanted their son to leam that he must take responsibility for his actions, so because he started the process, he was entrusted with the care and oversight of all that had been created.

He grew to love all of creation, but especially the little seed souls for which he had a singular affinity having himself visited, in seed form, one planet called earth, to demonstrate his unconditional love for all seed souls, and his commitment to creation.

Amongst the seed souls being distributed, one in particular watched with interest from her cosmic perspective, all that came to pass.  Her appointed time of arrival on earth, under a scheme called "Soul-A-Terre", was nearly two thousand years after the son's visit.

The trauma of arrival in human form in 1946 caused this little seed soul to lose her cosmic perspective, as do all seed souls on arrival.

So started her soul O.E. (Ordinary Experience.)  She found God had planned her arrival, but humans certainly hadn't.  Consequently her advent caused much strife, weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Her O.E. got off to a pretty shaky start.

Because on earth God's voice is still and small, it was difficult for this soulette to hear God reassuring her of their presence.  For a long time she endured the loss of everything necessary for the nurture and development of her soul.  She wasn't aware she had a right to be on this planet.  In fact, it was hard to believe she had a right to "be".

God was strangely quiet, or so it seemed.

The years passed, and though the little human caught glimpses of her divine origins, nothing made much sense, because messages were so mixed up.  God had difficulty getting an edge in word-wise.  Gradually, realisation grew that her task on earth [should she choose to accept] was to regain her cosmic perspective, her sense of destiny.  Her task on this O.E. was to journey back to her creator, using all experiences good and bad, as sign posts indicating the direction she was taking, for all paths, some more difficult than others, sooner or later lead to God.  This was what "regaining cosmic perspective" meant.

One day this soul heard about a course through some spiritual connections.  She listened.  Something echoed down through the heavenly vaults.

It might be an event which would help her on the journey she was finding such a struggle.  Funding was offered through the generosity of fellow travellers.  She applied and was accepted.  Here was yet another signpost on the journey.  This course would stretch her in places she was unaware needed stretching, and find places she thought had long since perished.  It would be a place where challenge and affirmation, energy and exhaustion, laughter and tears, and the presence of God, would be experienced.

It was a course of  "Cosmic Perspective Elucidation"  or  C. P. E.

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