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When we established this web site we made a point of including information about threats to the planet and to human welfare  -  arising from the reckless overuse of limited resources,  from the multinational corporations' obsession with maximising their own immediate profits at the expense of anybody and everybody else,  and from the use of the environment as a rubbish dump.

It is encouraging to see how the protest against all this and more is gathering strength, and to realise how much top quality information is available on the internet and elsewhere to educate those who care.   It no longer seems appropriate for us to try to summarise that information  -  which others present much more effectively than would be possible for us.   So here we simply list some quality links as starting points for exploration.

There is one point we ought to make.   You will remember that when the connection between smoking and cancer began to become obvious tobacco interests did everything in their power to confuse the issue in people's minds.   In our day those commercial interests that feel threatened by the growing popular awareness of their misbehaviour all follow the tobacco example.   They spend big money to create untrustworthy  "scientific"  evidence that makes them look good.   And they undertake massive publicity campaigns to make it difficult for concerned people to sort out the truth.   They are certainly aware of the possibilities of the internet for spreading misinformation.   Our advice,  then,  is that you never take seriously any propaganda you come upon without checking who originated it,  who pays for it,  and who benefits from people believing it.

If you are concerned to inform yourself more fully about threats to the planet and to its inhabitants,  you may profit by exploring sites listed on our links page.


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