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The Community
of Women and Men
in Church and Society



The Community of Women and Men in Church and Society
is a standing committee of the Conference of
the Methodist Church of New Zealand,
Te Hahi Weteriana o Aotearoa.


Our mission is:


To achieve this Mission we aim to:


Our symbol:

We have adopted a well-known Dunedin identity,  the albatross,  as our symbol.
Both parent birds incubate the egg containing new life  -  a partnership of care and concern.

Ongoing projects:


Keeping in touch:

An important part of our mission is keeping a good line of communication open between ourselves and the people of the church.   We are establishing in parishes a network of people to be our contacts and to communicate news to congregations.

Those with an interest in the work of the Community can join our mailing list,  and receive our regular newsletter,  at a cost of $5 per year.   Send your subscription to our mailing list,  again care of Dunedin Methodist Mission,  P.O. Box 5076,  Dunedin.

The Convener's e-mail address is:  maryt@sanger.otago.ac.nz .

Mary Thompson



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