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for the Church Hesitant

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Reluctant Bride of Christ,  Church that I love,
How shall I sing my grief,  my bitter sorrow
That you will never choose to hurl yourself
Into the dangerous arms of God's tomorrow,
But always looking back with anxious eye,
---Hold fast to yesterday's stale faith
---and fragile certainties.

The marriage feast is ready.   Why delay?
Here's wine that's fresh and good,  though sharp the tasting.
Yet still you sip dead lees from hollow jars,
Remembering vintages long past,  and nothing wasting;
Dying of thirst,  but daring not to draw
---And drink the miraculous draft that fills
---new skins to bursting.

Come,  fearful saints,  trust to the Spirit's winds,
And let yourselves be blown beyond prediction.
Do what you will in love,  go where you may,
You cannot stray beyond God's benediction.
Christ is the way:  that is enough to know  -
---His life and truth sufficient guide
---for all tomorrows.

Colin Gibson



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