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Colin Gibson:

Setting prisoners free

Jesus says

I claim no part of you.
I will not ban,  reject,  forbid,
or even politely disapprove.

See,  I have left all diaries,  duties and demands
on the road behind us.

If you are looking for a judge to pronounce damnation
and allocate eternal punishments for the other lot over there,
sorry,  but you'll have to find someone else.

Listen for me in the cheerful chatter of the birds,
the swish of water on the lakeside,
the clatter of dishes in the sink,
the slightest breeze tossing the heads of daisies and dandelions.

Sing with me,  dance with me  --
can you catch this ball?

Will you make something with me?
Let's try for a billion-piece working model of the universe,
a symphony or two,
the largest strudel in the world,
a really long peace banner  . . .
and there are several plays I've been wanting to try out with you  --
when you've finished that book of mine on sparrows.

But don't mistake me.
I'm not here just to share a bench in the sun.

When the time comes,  I'll stand against the wall with you.
I'm voting for gay priests,  too.

. . .  And just wait till you sample my cooking.
My bread is to die for,
and if I say so myself,  my crumbed blue cod is delicious.

Oh,  I almost forgot  --
here's a can-opener.

©  Colin Gibson    2001



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