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For single-parent families

Lilian O'Kane

Lilian O'Kane offered this prayer in a pre-Christmas
Mornington service of worship.
Bringing joy to the lives of those whose needs are known to us:

a softness of tone

a tenderness of heart

a smile to brighten the day

  What a delight to welcome the Christ child!

Thank you,  Lord,  for Jesus,  his birth as we depict it,  in a stable among hay and grazing cattle,  visited by wandering shepherds and knowing wise men.

As we celebrate Christmas I am drawn to pray for families like my own where one parent makes the home.

We as single parents welcome the Christmas cheer with tentative strides,  knowing it will all come together but  . . .  
      What's the split Christmas Day,  between parents,  going to work like?
      Can Santa afford to come this year?
      Will the grocery budget fit in a Christmas treat or two?

Single parent families are many in our communities.
We are all different and face different issues.

      We are not invisible;
      the stresses often take their toll;
      the lightness is often harder to find.

Today I pray that your gentleness of spirit,  Lord,  will bring lightness and cheer to the lives of all single-parent families in our communities.

         In Jesus' name,  Amen.


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