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Broad Bay is one of several small settlements clustered along the eastern side of the Otago Harbour.   An easy twenty minute scenic drive to town means that most residents commute to Dunedin each day to work,  but for all that,  Bay people form a cohesive community and take the opportunity to meet and work together wherever possible.   Broad Bay Methodist Church reflects this desire to meet together in our own community,  drawing together a small but diverse group of Christians.   We come with a wide variety of church traditions   -   Methodist,  Presbyterian,  Baptist,  Brethren,  Pentecostal,  Roman Catholic . . .

This diversity gives our church life a special flavour.   We benefit from the continuity of 135 years of Methodist worship in Broad Bay.   We are supported by the Wesleyan tradition of Christian love and social justice.   We have also parted from the past.   Our journey towards declaring our church  "inclusive",  welcoming the worship and leadership of gay and lesbian Christians, has been a difficult one.   Some long-standing members chose to leave.   Those remaining have continued the journey and today we gather under our mission statement   - 



Our worship uses traditional liturgy as a framework but,  as befits our size,  is informal in style.   We sit in a circle,  share together in readings and responses and have  "right of reply"  to the minister's sermon.   Children are an integral part of our church community;  they participate in worship and communion,  have a Sunday School programme and sometimes outnumber the adults!

Our relationship with the wider Broad Bay community is a strong one.   As part of our concern for the well being of the environment,  we are participating in the revegetation of a local landslide.   We organise an annual  "fun Biathlon"  which is enjoyed by children and adults from Broad Bay and further afield.

With the help of our minister,  Ken Russell,  with the best of both tradition and modern scholarship,  with our faith firmly rooted in Christ and the scriptures,  we explore what it means to be Christian in Dunedin,  New Zealand,  in the late 20th century.

Broad Bay Methodist Church meets for worship at 6.00 p.m.  in the church in Greig Street,  on the first and third Sundays of each month.   We also meet for worship or a special activity on fifth Sundays.

Julia Morris


Ministry Team:

Elspeth McLean
Ph: (3) 478- 0547

Olive Bain
Ph: (3) 478-0657



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