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Methodist congregation


-- The symbol consists of a cross seen behind a pendant belonging to one of our ministers.
The pendant is made of New Zealand greenstone and contains a double koru  (fern frond)
which represents all that is eternal,  and new life.


Who are we?

We are a group of people,  mostly from the Methodist tradition,  who meet in Mornington Methodist Church to worship God.   We strive to be a reconciling congregation that is non-judgmental,  and that is accepting of all people irrespective of age,   gender,   race,  or sexuality.   We enjoy worshipping God through music and participation in acts of worship with an open theology.   We encourage spiritual growth through discussion,  reflection,  and education.   We enjoy having fun together!


Mornington Methodist Church is on the corner of Galloway and Whitby Streets,  Mornington,  Dunedin.


Our mission statement

We have tried to define our mission.   We accept and adopt the Mission Statement of the Methodist Church of New Zealand.   We believe our church's mission is to worship and serve God as revealed in Jesus Christ.   Our mission is constantly evolving to accomplish these goals and at present involves:

In order to fulfil our mission we believe it is important to develop a community of faith,  to nurture personal spiritual growth,  to clarify our beliefs and values,  and to challenge our faith through action.   We hope to address issues in society through partnership with our community.


          What do we do?

  • We worship in the church each Sunday 9.30-10.30 am.   The act of worship usually involves a time with the children,  and there are two Sunday School classes.

  • The choir contributes to Sunday worship and practises each Thursday evening.   The organist and choir master is Colin Gibson,  some of whose hymns can be reached from the Songs to Sing page.

  • The Housegroup meets alternate Wednesday evenings in members' homes for Bible study and discussion.

  • The Mornington Toy and Games Library operates from the church hall,  and involves several of the congregation.   The Library is open Monday mornings,  Thursday evenings,  and Saturday mornings.

  • The Ren-Shu-Den Judo Club meets in the upstairs hall three evenings a week.

  • The Mornington Plunket Mothers' Group meets in our church lounge each Tuesday morning.
toy library



Our minister is the Revd Ken Russell,  telephone (03) 456 5070

Richard Cannon

 Mornington congregation  –  a new generation

Photographs  2002


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