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May the anger of Christ
be mine


May the anger of Christ be mine,
when the world grows hard and greedy;
when the rich have no care for the poor,
when the powerful take from the needy.

    In a world of restless change,
    standing for love and faith and justice;
    in a dark confusing time,
    bearing the light,  the shining light of Christ.

May the pity of Christ be mine,
when the outstretched hand's not taken,
when the needy stand in line,
when the lonely live forsaken. . . .

May the love of Christ be mine,
for the anguished,  for the ailing,
for the frail disabled life,
for the fallen,  for the failing. . . .

May the actions of Christ be mine,
bringing hope,  bringing new direction,
bringing peace in a warring time,
offering welcome,  not rejection. . . .


   Words and music © Colin Gibson 1993

Permission is given to reproduce this material,  with acknowledgement,
for non-commercial use in a congregational or similar setting.



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