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Let me be kind to you,
Will you be kind to me?
then we will live in a world where it is good to be,
for we are held so tenderly in God's big hands:
    here is a wink
    here is a smile
    here is a wave
here is my gift of kindness,
here is my gift of loving kindness.

1. Kindness,  (God shows us)  kindness,
in the sun that lights the day,  in the friends with whom I play;
kindness,  (such loving)  kindness,
when I snuggle down to sleep,  all the blankets in a heap  . . .
2. Kindness,  (God shows us)  kindness,
in the stories I am told by my granny who's so old;
kindness,  (such loving)  kindness,
through a world I may explore,  always finding more and more.  . . .
3. Kindness,  (God shows us)  kindness,
in the apple on the tree,  in the honey from the bee;
kindness,  (such loving)  kindness,
in the sparrow's cheerful song,  in the place where I belong.  . . .
4. Kindness,  (God shows us)  kindness,
through each baby girl and boy,  in the life that I enjoy;
kindness,  (such loving)  kindness,
through God's very own dear son,  who loved each and every one.  . . .

    words and music © Colin Gibson 1998


Permission is given to reproduce this material,  with acknowledgement,
for non-commercial use in a congregational or similar setting.



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