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It is possible that the renaissance of hymnwriting that has been led by the New Zealand Hymnbook Trust's work in the last two decades of the twentieth century,  and continues into the Third Millennium,  will be seen as significant to the lively expression of a contemporary and relevant Christian faith and theology,  as were the hymns of Charles and John Wesley in the latter half of the 18th century.      (John Thornley)

Music in the Air

Music in the Air  is a bi-annual journal which features:

Covered within Music:


Contents of recent issues

Music in the Air was launched at the annual conference of the Methodist Church of New Zealand, in Christchurch, November 1995.


Winter 2006


How the light gets in: the Christian art of Colin McCahon
Rob Yule

Artist’s Tribute: Dave Dobbyn on Colin McCahon
Rob Yule 

I AM – The Ballad of Colin McCahon
John Hall

 Bono’s remarks to the National Prayer Breakfast, Washington D.C. 

Jesus and the perils of popularity
David Edwards

The Wizard of Oz
Ron Gibson

Mary’s Diary – a New Zealand Christmas Story
Colin Anderson

‘Available Light’, Dave Dobbyn faith pilgrimage
John Thornley

Two poems for Tonga
David Best

Easter City – a hymn for Easter
Colin Gibson

‘Walk a mile in my shoes’
Stuart Manins

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Honouring Shirley Erena Murray

From the Editor


Editor and publisher

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John Thornley,  who edits and publishes  Music in the Air,  is a writer on popular music from the 20s to the 90s,  and presenter of Songpoetry productions,  with performances to date on Bob Dylan,  Elvis Presley,  Bob Marley,  and Aretha Franklin.   His work experiences have included teaching,  publishing,  community work,  and organisational work with the Student Christian Movement in the Eastern Caribbean in the late 60s.


Subscriptions and contributions

All enquiries,  re contributions and subscriptions, to John Thornley,  Music in the Air,  15 Oriana Place,  Palmerston North,  New Zealand.   Annual Subscriptions:  $24 for Summer and Winter issues,  paid in local currencies in New Zealand,  Australia,  Pacific and USA,  p and p included.

E-mail contact:  john.gill@inspire.net.nz

Dunedin viewers can see a copy of the latest issue at OC Books.

The publisher acknowledges funding support from the Methodist Church of Aotearoa New Zealand for  Music in the Air.



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