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Rainbow steeple



We are a church with a rainbow steeple,
this is a place for a rainbow people;
make the windows wide,
let the light inside
to proclaim the truth of God.

   Turn the world upside down,
   colour in that gloomy frown;
   ev'rybody,  straight or gay,
   follow Jesus Christ's own dancing Way.


We are a church with a rainbow Bible,
'love' is the Word that we read,  not 'liable';
here the human race
is in no disgrace:
we proclaim the love of God.      . . . 

We are a church with a rainbow banner,
sample our wine,  taste our rainbow manna;
let the children play
in the yard all day,
to proclaim the joy of God.

Words and music  © Colin Gibson (1999)


Permission is given to reproduce this material,  with acknowledgement,
for non-commercial use in a congregational or similar setting.



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