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by Laura Black in All Sorts, added
figuring out the housing problem and how to balance this with our own riches
democratic socialism and Christianity as it plays out in our world
What has luck to do with who we are, or where we are, or what we do, what we believe?
by Bruce Spittle in All Sorts, added
the quality of love exemplified by work for abolition of slavery and prison reforms
we need to think about what positive things we can do to make a better world in times of change
by Euan Thomson in Sermons, added
an arguemnt supporting the End of Life Choice Act
by Greg Hughson in All Sorts, added
Being found by God is more transforming than finding God.
we need all the logic that we can summon to deal with the Covid-19 threat
by Marcia Hardy in All Sorts, added
learning positive ways to live by taking leaps of joy, love and faith
the autgor argues that we should embrace our differences and celebrate each other’s uniqueness, diversity of thinking, abilities, and looks.

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