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by Greg Hughson in All Sorts, added
how a new building can help build a fairer, more inclusive city
by Euan Thomson in All Sorts, added
new iniatives, here and overseas , and inspiration gained from activities of the next generation
by Trish Patrick in Sermons, added
Jesus said 'where your treasure is there is your heart also'; the gift of letting go can be the creation of not only physical space but a lightness of spirit
a Biblical view of treasure and where and how to find it
by George Davis in All Sorts, added
reflections on how international discontent and terror also personally affects us
Times ahave been changing since time began; we need to be mindful of not falling into the trap of thinking we are better now than before; we need to practise compassion and love.
by Ken Russell in All Sorts, added
The vulnerability paradox of weakness/strength, death/life has endless applications for those with eyes to see and faith to perceive.
by Rod Mitchell in Articles, added
we need to explore the elements as part of a whole but equally appreciate each in its own right as we aim for "fullness of life"
how can we overcome the pre-eminence of global capitalism with its consequential environmental destruction
by Bruce Spittle in Sermons, added
discusses the value of human endeavour, thinking for ourselves and pursuing wisdom in the light of problems facing the world such as climate change

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