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Colin Gibson

with the help of weekly reflection and the intelligently–chosen hymns we grow spiritually
how do we acquire a sense of what it is to have a faith or become aware of what we call a spiritual dimension
Mary’s Magnificat is an ‘alternative truth’, a dream of what might be
positive reflections on life inspired by the words, actions and life of Mother teresa of Calculta
The meeting of different faiths provides examples of interconnections leading to understanding.
We have been reminded of the infinite magnitude of the universe in which we humans occupy the merest blink of time, but we also need to be reminded of the infinite smallness at the heart of the universeall that vast complexity made out of the infinitely tiny building blocks of matter.
our response to refugees and the symbolism of the cross
what are the real obscenities of today?
reflections on the metaphors of sand and the spirit
The Jesus Seminar was founded in 1985 by Robert Funk, an American biblical scholar. They are called the Jesus seminar because their focus is on Jesusthe historical Jesus, the real person who lived 2000 years ago in Palestine.

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