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Donald Phillipps

we need all the logic that we can summon to deal with the Covid-19 threat
Deception, trust, and communication, are all interwoven; the courage to be honest took Jesus of Nazareth all the way to the cross.
How are how to distinguish between fundamentalism-based patriotism/nationalism on the one hand, and a Christian view of the future of the world
how do we apply the stories of Jesus, which emphasized the everyday world and not the miraculous
finding a sense of proportion in God's creation
replacing name-calling with rational argument
Our world is increasingly a world of extremes- where do we stand?
how can we use the electronic communications to share the Good News?
A history of Methodism in South Dunedin.
the author argues that symbols are much more important that we ever realise - that we need them, almost instinctively, to make sense of our lives.

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