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Gordon Abernethy

how do we see ourselves as followers of Christ, the man who had more influence on culture, on the way we live, than any other person, before and since?
What has luck to do with who we are, or where we are, or what we do, what we believe?
we need to think about what positive things we can do to make a better world in times of change
the autgor argues that we should embrace our differences and celebrate each other’s uniqueness, diversity of thinking, abilities, and looks.
Times ahave been changing since time began; we need to be mindful of not falling into the trap of thinking we are better now than before; we need to practise compassion and love.
Is the Church losing the adventure of Christmas? thoughts on how Advent relates to the needs of the world.
Within the world-wide Christian community there are many races and skin colour – Christ did not discriminate, God does not discriminate.
we label things and people; but to put a label that hurts someone, or a group, or a nation, so ostracizing them, goes against decency and humanism.
the continuing influence of the stories of the Bible