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Siosifa Pole

the voices of the weak, powerless and poor must shout out and interrupt our comfort until justice is served
the church must take the time to respond effectively to the changing tides of politics, values, etc.
We have so many young lives devastated by domestic violence and lost to suicide, and we need to break the silence and cry out in concern.
The writer compares the life of a Christian with climbing Mt Everest and the Tongan Taukakapa concept, to aim high in our personal endeavours.
The ocean is a metaphor for the unknown future and the risks and opportuities it brings.
If we follow Jesus, he will make us his followers to live out his compassion, his peace, his love, his justice, and his care.
Tongan concepts of resilience and mission derivedfrom seafaring in the South Pacific; church leaders also need to be resilient, create a vision for growth, and also maintain our mission which is to reach out with the love of Christ.
the value of renewal that come from 'time out' - Malolo
Waiting is a fact of life; because waiting is uncomfortable and uncertain, it requires patience, courage, hope, and trust.
Ministry is not a one person band but a collective of people who have the same passion and determination to take risks in order to make a positive difference to peoples lives and communities.

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