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Trish Patrick

work for a living wage would be life enhancing for all spciety
charisma needs to be coupled with integrity, compassion and justice to be a force for good
Jesus said 'where your treasure is there is your heart also'; the gift of letting go can be the creation of not only physical space but a lightness of spirit
the importance of making spaces to live and think is explored
reflections on the place of humour in the family, the church and the community
exploration of how hope keeps us attuned to what ever is life affirming, in any situation, even the grimmest
thinking about prayer as a way of being in the world, being receptive to others and open to the presence of the divine..
The world is in a mess; the great chasm between the 'haves and the have-nots' needs to be replaced with community interested in the common good as exemplified by the Jesus way..
what limits our choices; how can we make wise decisions and take the responsiblity
Just as everyone's experience differs, so does ones perception of truth; truth is elusive sometimes. However, one truth is immutable... the truth of goodness / godness.

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