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Trish Patrick

taking the time to acknowledge people, place, and process, not just in the spiritual world but in the world of commerce, trade, sport, community, and health where the sacred is expressed through our everyday lives and activities. We live in community and are instructed to 'love our neighbour as ourselves' . This takes time, energy and resources.....it is slow love.
Living in the moment, and being present to the moment, means absorbing or savouring the experience as it unfolds.
the role of humour and laughter in the God-filled life
reflections on where is God in the devastations of the floods
thinking about the importance of fighting oppression of women in all cultures
thoughts on celebration of the Queen's jubilee
reflections on the importance of the being truly present to the moment and to those we are with.
the turmoil and anguish of Ukraine is likened to the events leading up to the first Easter and God's response
work for a living wage would be life enhancing for all spciety
charisma needs to be coupled with integrity, compassion and justice to be a force for good

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