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reflections on the importance of the being truly present to the moment and to those we are with.
Does the sixth commandment mean we should treat each other and ourselves with love and respect?
To celebrate and to mourn, to congratulate and to console, and this truth marked the life of the early Jesus community
discovering a little know early feminists, conservationist, prison reformer and more in a recent biography of her life.
on the necessary space between the Churches and the State
the turmoil and anguish of Ukraine is likened to the events leading up to the first Easter and God's response
comments on things we could give up that would create not only spiritual discipline but renewal in our culture and environment.
rethinking bi- and multi-culturalism in New Zealand.
thoughts on how can we live well in challenging and uncertain circumstances of the pandemic - the challenge is keeping engaged, purposeful, hopeful in the middle.
reflections on lives that have been an inspiration

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