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Here to celebrate

By Colin Gibson in Songs and Music

A hymn of joyful praise

Here to celebrate God's loving,
in this moment called to share,
partners in Love's gracious purpose,
God invites us all to care.

Hang out the hallelujahs,
hang out a loud amen,
love is God's final word in Christ,
a love that knows no end.

Here to celebrate God's working,
there's a task for everyone;
none is greater, none is smaller:
just love's service to be done. . . .

Here to celebrate God's welcome,
finding Christ in me and you;
for the world and for each other
doing what our Lord would do. . . .

Here to celebrate God's goodness,
here to listen, here to pray;
sent from worship into service,
called to live Christ's loving way. . . .

Words and music copyright Colin Gibson, 1991

Permission is given to reproduce this material, with acknowledgement, for non-commercial use in a congregational or similar setting.