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More on Time.

By George Davis in All Sorts

"it is time to consider carefully the role of Christ and God in our lives"

I was impressed by Trish Patrick’s article which began with a Stephen Hawking quotation referring to the constancy of time and the possibility of it “[flowing] at different speeds in different places.”
“Time is of the essence” said the young lawyer, looking at us across his desk. “We must let them know that time is of the essence.” It was apparent to both of us that he had latched onto some key that would transform an already dragged out procedure over years to a satisfactory conclusion. I thought about Bushells’ coffee essence and then was prodded back to immediate consciousness by my wife. I was not having a good time.
It was also not a good time in my youth, when my father used to remind me often “don’t waste time” as though it was a commodity which I and the world would run out of. He may have been right considering the impacts of climate change. Besides being frequently reminded to get on with it, I now reflect that my father’s life was an example of making the best of it under the circumstances. He had lost both legs as a railwayman in 1942, but went on to have a full-time clerical job in the New Zealand Railways. So the worth of his life was to a great extent judged by what he made of it after the accident.

There’s certain immutability about time. The founding headmaster at The Taieri High School, Tom Hislop, was fond of letting the students know that we had to get on with the job – “Time goes, they say/ Ah no, Time stays/ We go.” He would have acknowledged Trish’s use of “Carpe diem” to seize the day” which again reflects the tone of Time is of the essence.
As humans we do have a limited span on this Earth, despite all of our endeavours to extend it. Maybe more than anything else, we are daily reminded that we are still in the throes of a pandemic. It is time to concentrate on those things that are really important for us – friends and family, and care of others. We truly do not know what is around the corner for us.
It has long been accepted that we all do not march to the same beat. However, if you are performing in an orchestra or band, or are a chorister, it can lead to disaster. There are times when we humans need to accept the need for a strong lead. It can be the best of times, musically, if you do, and the worst of times if you don’t. In this pandemic and climate emergency it is essential to consider deeply where we stand. The message of Christ is clear – “I am the way, the truth and the life” – John 14: v 16. It is time to consider carefully the role of Christ and God in our lives, to get on with it, so to speak.
G F Davis 13 July 2022.