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Sunday 22nd October 2017
EXPLORERS AT WORK - The Sunday 22 October Explorers group led by Rod Mitchell will be considering the problematic future of religion or religion as it may be in the future. Join us at 4.30pm at Mornington Methodist Church. Visitors welcome.


Wednesday 25th October 2017
Talk on Martin Luther by Professor Peter Matheson. Peter is the leading scholar of the Reformation in New Zealand. He will tell us about the famous priest whose defiant actions 500 years ago began the huge split in the Catholic Church which led to the emergence of Protestant churches, among which we number our own denomination. Mornington Methodist Church, Galloway Street, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 25 October (note the different date). A koha of $5 .

Parish Combined Service.

Sunday 29th October 2017
PARISH COMBINED SERVICE will be on Sunday the 29th of October at Mosgiel Methodist Church, 10am. Please bring a plate to share with others during the morning tea.

Combined Mornington Chrurch Service.

Sunday 29th October 2017
Mornington Churches combine on this Sunday at St Francis Xavier's Church at 6.30 pm followed by supper.