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replacing name-calling with rational argument
exploring what is normal, what is reasonable about war?
can we have totem poles for peace?
by Greg Hughson in All Sorts, added
Experiences of the reality of the international church and interfaith community gained from travel overseas.
by Euan Thomson in All Sorts, added
insights from contradictory aspects of multiculturalism in action
Our world is increasingly a world of extremes- where do we stand?
by Trish Patrick in Articles, added
The world is in a mess; the great chasm between the 'haves and the have-nots' needs to be replaced with community interested in the common good as exemplified by the Jesus way..
by Siosifa Pole in All Sorts, added June 14th, 2017
We have so many young lives devastated by domestic violence and lost to suicide, and we need to break the silence and cry out in concern.
by Ken Russell in All Sorts, added June 14th, 2017
In response to the bombing in Manchester, the writer suggests that a new Pentecost is possible providing positive potential to galvanise a generation of the world's youth to claim a better way, of peace, unity and mutual acceptance.
by Yvonne Dasler in All Sorts, added June 14th, 2017
encouraging us to reflect on the good things in our lives

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