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by Laura Black in All Sorts, added
solving racial injustices will require all of us taking the side of those who are discriminated against as if it were our own
by Rod Mitchell in All Sorts, added
refletions on the hppenings after the massacre in Christchurch
discussion of the differences and similarities of the three Abrahamic religions.
by Rod Mitchell in All Sorts, added
reflections after the tragedy in Christchurch
by Bruce Spittle in All Sorts, added
how is it possible to choose to embrace joy and freedom even in the face of suffering and problems that life brings
by Laura Black in All Sorts, added
the author argues that a focus on poverty rather than inequality will lead to actions that will help the poor
examples of poetry that allows new views and understandings of theological questions and the meaning of life
by Greg Hughson in All Sorts, added
personal and work examples from the writer's life highlight the importance of celebrations in all our lives
Helen uses her understanding of the Christmas stories to illustrate the creativity of the scriptures
we seek a place of refuge, mental and physical safety, yet Jesus asks us to be willing to be homeless and to find our refuge in God

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