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by Greg Hughson in Sermons, added
God's love for the world is seen through the journey of Jesus to the Cross
by Marcia Hardy in All Sorts, added
exploring connections bewteen hearts, minds and opinions and 'the social gospel'
thinking about how to express and experience transformative emotional impact of Jesus in our age
by Colin Gibson in All Sorts, added
Mary’s Magnificat is an ‘alternative truth’, a dream of what might be
finding a sense of proportion in God's creation
by Laura Black in All Sorts, added
thinking again about how to honour the Treaty in reality
by Rod Mitchell in All Sorts, added
key themes in the Bible relating to the care of the environment
comparing modern-day prophets with Biblical ones
by Ken Russell in All Sorts, added
the writer shares a dream of the kind of church that could never abuse women, where there are no assumptions of sexual entitlement and the path of silence is not the one chesen.
by Dale Meredith in All Sorts, added
remembering our own history and stories is important

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