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by George Davis in All Sorts, added
rituals provide structure to ours lives, but there are lean pickings the poor and out-of-work, homeless; what can the church provide?
by Euan Thomson in All Sorts, added
reflecting on how we spread the good news for lesbians and gays and all peoples in this modern age
by Trish Patrick in All Sorts, added
thinking about prayer as a way of being in the world, being receptive to others and open to the presence of the divine..
by Marcia Hardy in Sermons, added
exploring how a compassionate community can counter fear and anxiety
by Colin Gibson in All Sorts, added
positive reflections on life inspired by the words, actions and life of Mother teresa of Calculta
euthanasia is a question for the whole population, both young and aged and we and churches need to contribute constructively in the conversation that is required to move society forward on this issue.
by Siosifa Pole in All Sorts, added
the church must take the time to respond effectively to the changing tides of politics, values, etc.
replacing name-calling with rational argument
exploring what is normal, what is reasonable about war?
can we have totem poles for peace?

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