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by Dale Meredith in All Sorts, added
what do risk and security have to do with faith, hope and love?
by Siosifa Pole in All Sorts, added
the voices of the weak, powerless and poor must shout out and interrupt our comfort until justice is served
where do we find calm in our busy lives?
by Colin Gibson in All Sorts, added
how do we acquire a sense of what it is to have a faith or become aware of what we call a spiritual dimension
providing food for all is a theme of many Old and New Testament stories and fairy tales and is the aim of many community food banks nowdays
by Euan Thomson in All Sorts, added
how can we practise inclusiveness with those who still treat homosexual acts as criminal?
by Laura Black in All Sorts, added
how expectations determines outcomes
by Greg Hughson in Sermons, added
God's love for the world is seen through the journey of Jesus to the Cross
by Marcia Hardy in All Sorts, added
exploring connections bewteen hearts, minds and opinions and 'the social gospel'
thinking about how to express and experience transformative emotional impact of Jesus in our age

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