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we seek a place of refuge, mental and physical safety, yet Jesus asks us to be willing to be homeless and to find our refuge in God
Is the Church losing the adventure of Christmas? thoughts on how Advent relates to the needs of the world.
How are how to distinguish between fundamentalism-based patriotism/nationalism on the one hand, and a Christian view of the future of the world
an overview of David's spiritual journey that has led him to Dunedin Methodist Parish.
a fresh take on what we can do to cope with the realities of our overuse of the earth's resorces
reflections on the place of humour in the family, the church and the community
an insight and some ideas to help us relate to people who are overwhelmed by life
with the help of weekly reflection and the intelligently–chosen hymns we grow spiritually
reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of the Parish and the opportunities for future expressions of faith
how Christian compassion can generate creative ways to provide shelter for homeless people

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