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This is the old website for the Dunedin Methodist Website. You are welcome to browse this as an archive, but for up-to-date information and articles click here to view the new website.

Methodist worship around Dunedin

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Galloway Street
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All Saints Hall, Cumberland Street
Knox Presbyterian Church, George St.
Queens Drive, St Kilda
Gordon Road
(1st and 3rd Sundays of the month)

Recent additions   .  .  . 

The Song of the Bird
Colin Gibson draws on two very evocative images from non Christian traditions  -  an old Chinese saying  The bird does not sing because it knows an answer.  It sings   because it has a song.    And the second,  an amusing but profound Muslim Sufi story featuring a Gnat and an Elephant.  And not surprisingly,  there's a lesson for us all.

Honest to God
We continue to benefit from the fortnightly column of Ian Harris in the Otago Daily Times. We reprint with Ian's permission this remarkably perceptive piece that appeared so helpfully early in Advent.   "So just who was this Jesus?"    Ian Harris draws a distinction between the Jesus of history, of Nazareth, son of Mary and Joseph  -  and the Jesus of faith,  known as the Christ  who emerged from the early Christian community  These are not in conflict,  but at Christmas they are wonderfully drawn together.

A Defining Issue
Ken Russell originally wrote this article for the Liberal Society email blog,  but has revised it to take account of a ferment stirring in the Mt Albert Parish,  Auckland,  following another failure in the appointment process when the Presbyter concerned was a highly accomplished woman.  a lesbian living in a stable civil union.

Robyn's Words
The Testimony of Robyn Freeth,  last in a memorable series in which members of Mornington Church shared their faith journey in their own way.  Robyn is seldom heard as a speaker in the Church  but her testimony made a deep impression.

Yes We Can!
By his own admission Ken Russell waxes lyrical about the election of Barack Obama as the first black American President.   It is not to endorse every plank of Obama's policies,  but to simply share the overwhelming joy of so manyAmericans,  and people of goodwill around the world,  who have dared to dream this man will turn the tide of polarisation pessimism and mistrust that has tsunamied over international relations in the Bush years.

The Ending of the Book of Acts and Writing Volume 3
Guest preacher Prof Paul Trebilco,  head of the Dept of Theology at Otago University,  gave this very scholarly interpretation of what was in Luke's mind in writing the "Acts of the Apostles."   If Luke's Gospel is Vol 1,   and the Acts is Vol 2,  who is left to write Vol 3?  Read the sermon to find out.

Unlearning and New Learning
With an eye on the Nov 4 American election,  and the New Zealand Methodist Conference on Nov 8,  and enlisting the help of foremost biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann,  Stuart Grant delivers a very perceptive sermon on Peter's dream in Acts 11.

My Faith
In recent weeks Mornington worship has been greatly enhanced as members of the Church family have shared their faith stories.   Here Rachel Hanna simply tells her story so far,  from childhood and adolescence in two churches,  to life in the police in a big city,  to maturing faith as a mother and teacher back in the Church in which she was nurtured.

No Ordinary Sun
This recent sermon by Colin Gibson at Mornington Church is a splendid example of how Christian faith has borrowed ideas and images from many traditions and sources.   It is a sermon that ideally should be read in the context of three readings,  mentioned at the end of the text.  But it also has contemporary relevance for those concerned about global warming,  and leaves us with the question  -  whether the human race is to continue "to enjoy the sun's benefits,  or perversely imitate its death-dealing potential."  A must-read.

Prayer and Phophesy Well Covered
Elizabeth Brooke-Carr takes a whimsical look at today's hat-couture,  or lack of it,  and St Paul's admonition to women of faith   -  to cover their heads in Church.  She salutes brave and enterprising women who have defied centuries of tradition, culture and prejudice to pray and prophesy in the contemporary world

Connections August 17, 2008
In last month's penetrating Connections article Donald Phillipps sees "doing good" as being at the heart of the Gospel,  and warns against the legalism of the pharisees  -   and politicians

The Importance of Time
In this August sermon at Mornington Donald Phillipps begins with the sophistication of time at the Beijing Olmpics,  and goes on to reflect on the importance of "time" in Christian theology

The ministers serving Dunedin Methodist Parish are: 
Revd Stuart Grant
Revd Cornelia Grant

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