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Aesop      A fable for our times      (2002)

BOOF       The Peoples Charter      (1998)

David Bromell      The staircase to Heaven      (7/2004)

Liz Brooke-Carr      
Who is Jesus?     (8/2005)
The disaster of Project Aqua     (3/2004)

Melanie Bunce
Same old tune  –  different time     (2/2003)
    What's with that?    (3/2003)

Who owns New Zealand? – some key facts     (~1999)
     Corporate Code of Responsibility      (~1999)

Richard Cannon
Celebrating contemporary music with Colin Gibson      (1997)
     Mornington congregation      (1997)
     Dunedin pictures      (1997)

Comms group      Faithful and Free      (group theology ~1990)

Helen Corrigan      Profiling Evan Lewis     (~1999)

Selwyn Dawson
      Meet the Man   (book review)     (~2000)     
     Nine fallacies     (~1999)
     Prayers for the quiet moment     (~1999)
     Ministering the gospel in a time of change     (~2000)

William Elderton
Not just a schoolgirl crush     (~2001)
     Crossing Boundaries   (sexual abuse)    (~2001)
     The male closet in many a classroom    (~2001)

Sue Galloway     Environment Award for Mornington Methodists    (2002)

Colin Gibson
    Three Incredible Readings     (4/2007)
    The Tale of Joseph's Coat     (4/2006)
    Out of Africa     (3/2006)
    Three little boys who grew up     (4/2005)
    You go where    (11/2004)
     Is love enough?    (9/2004)
     God is not just a big noise  (Elijah)      (6/2004)
     Love or terror?    (4/2004)
     Habakkuk?    (10/2003)
    Trouble at the vineyard    (2002)
    Noah's address to the human race    (2002)
    Count down to Easter    (2002)
    The Dark Tower   (2002)
    Raising Cain   (2002)
    Tracing the family tree    (~2001)
    Black Hawk Down    (~2001)
    Talking about atonement    (~2001)
    The fooling of King Alexander    (~2001)
    What is a Methodist    (~2001)
    Made in the image of God?    (~2001)
    Just some ordinary fishermen    (~2001)
    Lifting Leviticus    (~2001)
    The justice of God    (~2000)
    The NZ landscape in our hymns    (~2000)
    Revelation    (~2000)
    Sex and the wisdom of the past    (~2000)
    We've a gorgon at our organ  (verses)    (~1999)
    The role of hymns in worship tomorrow    (1999)
    Setting prisoners free    (~1999)
    Walking on water    (~1999)
    Snake tale    (~1999)
    Song for the Church Hesitant    (~1999)
    The stork among the poultry    (~1999)
    The princess and the pea    (1998)
    The baby in the basket    (~1998)
    Noses    (~1998)
    Samson    (~1998)

Colin Gibson - hymns & songs
    Lord,  pull the stopper    
    Kingdom talk    
    Voices of the earth    
    We are many,  we are one    
    Clothe the body    
    I sing the grace of God within you    
    May the anger of Christ be mine    
    Here to celebrate    
    Nothing is lost on the breath of God    
    It all depends    
    Rainbow people    
    Rainbow steeple    
    Birthday carol    
    Let there be respect for the earth    
    Lord Jesus look on this we do    
    Lord turn our grieving into grace    
    Love is a miracle and friendship a wonder    
    When angels rove the restless skies    
    There's a wideness    
    These hills    

 Peter Gregory      The Garden of Eden story       (~1999)

Kerry Grundy
The new right reforms have been a dismal failure      (1998)
      Cry shame!     (1998)

Peter Grundy      Planting in the sea     (10/2004)

Ian Harris      Honest to God - Where to now?      (10/2005)

Blair Hughson     Mornington congregation – a new generation     (2002)

Greg Hughson     
     'Designer Genes'  –  (book review)     (2000)
Creating Space for Grace & Peace in Hiroshima, New York and Dunedin (2005)
     Spirituality - a Potential Source of Wisdom for Bioethics, and the Regulation of Genetic Engineering Technology (2007)

ICC       Submission on genetic engineering  (2000)

 Bishop Penny Jamieson
     Gay bishop controversy     (11/2003)
     Food trade – fair terms needed     (9/2003)
     The world's craving for oil often hurts the poorest     (6/2003)
     Saddam out,  economic bondage in     (4/2003)
     Embedded journalists     (4/2003)
     Hope in protests as war shifts the focus     (3/2003)
     Free trade – Western style  –  and Africa     (6/2002)
     Fund-raising,  or gambling on our future?     (5/2002)
     A modern-day fable:  Tolkien     (1/2003)
     The media turns a blind eye to 'routine' violence     (4/2002)
     Not meeting the gold standard     (3/2002)
     Race for the moral low ground     (2/2001)
     Weighing options to regain security     (10/2001)
     Time to think globally for global good     (7/2001)
     Twin Towers anniversary     (9/2002)
     A small blow against globalization     (~2001)
     Sparing the rod for the sake of the child     (8/2001)

Geoff King
     Joining the family  –  a liturgy     (~2001)
     Overcoming violence by threat of force     (~2001)

Marion Kitchingman
     Dunedin in May  (poem)     (~1998)
     Pearl of great price   (poem)     (~1998)

Kitchingman / Gould
     Go, so my parables live   (song   ~1999)
     We would be yes-sayers   (song   ~1999)
     Mary's song      (song   ~1999)

Ginny Kitchingman     What's it all about? - A Christmas play    (2003)

David Lange          Old faiths,  new world    (8/2004)

 Evan Lewis
      The dandelion story    (1997)
      Jesus sayings    (2001)
      Getting real  –  Re-viewing our religion    (2001)
      Humour in the Bible?    (2002)
      Paul the apostle    (~1998)
      What Paul did NOT write    (~1998)
      The 'Q' document    (~1998)
      240 OT readings    (~1999)
      260 NT readings    (~1999)
      500 Bible readings  –  index    (~1999)
      Pharaoh's CEO    (~1998)
      Psalm 73,  paraphrase    (~1998)
      Galatians    (~1998)
      Philemon    (~1998)
      Romans    (~1998)
      Thessalonians    (~1998)
      1 Timothy    (~1998)        

 JJ Lewis    Into a new land   (Judges)    (~1998)

Stan Lusby    Iraq and world oil strategy    (2/2003)

Elspeth McLean   
      Faith in bigger boobs and smaller noses    (2001)
   Hallowe'en, sex, and the value of pledges    (~2001)
   Every bloke needs a meaningful hobby    (9/2002)

K & E McLean    The city of Dunedin    (1997)

Peter Matheson    Religious pro-war rhetoric    (~2002)

 Julia Morris    Broad Bay congregation    (1997)

NZ Church Leaders    Statement on the threat of war against Iraq    (2002)

Lilian O'Kane    For single parent families    (~2000)

 Margaret Parkinson
To each her own      (9/2005)
An eagle's eye view of G8    (7/2005)
      Reflections at the ocean    (11/2004)
      Lavvy    (11/2003)
      Crone Wisdom    (~1998)
      Compassion    (~1998)
      Homophobic attitudes – take a personal inventory    (~1998)
      Is there room for everyone in the inn?    (~1998)
      ISTs and ISMs    (~1998)

Trish Patrick   
     Appreciating Mornington congregation    (2002)
    Creation: how it really happened    (8/2004)

Donald Phillipps
   Creation - Masters or Servants    (4/2007)
   Time to choose for God    (2/2005)
   The past is a foreign country    (11/2004)
   Justice    (10/2004)
   Independent Methodism in NZ    (8/2004)
   The 1912 Heresy Hunt    (2003)
   Dunedin Methodist history    (1998)
   Good news to the poor   (book review)    (~1999)
   The Methodist Church of NZ    (~1997)
   Dunedin South congregation    (~1998)
   Rita Snowden  (1907-1999)    (1999)
   Leslie Neale, man of faith and vision     (~2001)
         (w. Leah Taylor)

Dr Gerald Pillay    Working for justice     (2000)

  David Poultney     Glimpses of God in Godzone     (2/2005)

Hilary Refveim     Alleluia Aotearoa  –  Why I like it    (2003)

Joan Robertson   
     Pentecost – and after    (~1999)
     Rainbows    (~1999)
     The Vicar of Dibley theme et al    (~1999)
     No Vacancy    (2006)

Ken Russell   
   Georgina Beyer
   Worse and worse under GWB    (9/2004)
   Fahrenheit 9/11    (8/2004)
   Power,  terror,  and leadership    (5/2004)
   Why no transparency?    (12/2003)
   A better way?   (Restorative Justice)    (3/2004)
2006 New Year Sermon   (1/2006)
This is Jesus  (1/2006)

Stuart Grant  
   In Every Generation - Pharoah
The Birth of Jesus  (12/2006)
Troubled Times (12/2006)

Isabel Sutherland
   The Photographic Art of Isabel Sutherland

Stephanie Scott    Journey into faith and acceptance    (12/2003)

Martin Stevens    The Toy Maker

Rosalie Sugrue    A Rosalie story    (~1999)

Keith Suter    Globalization – alternatives    (2000)

Leah Taylor
     Women's work for women
Leslie Neale   (book reviewed)

Mary Thompson    The Community of Women and Men    (~1998)

Euan Thomson
   ARCC    (~1999)
    Glenaven congregation    (~1997)
   Matike    (~1997)
    Support for families and friends of gay men and lesbians    (~1999)

Marion Thomson    The Church and homosexuality    (~1999)

 John Thornley
  Music in the Air  –  song and spirituality
  An Emerging Jesus for an Emerging Christianity (2007)

Leo Tolstoi    The big fireplace

 Ted Trainor   The death of the oil economy

Chris Trotter     Doublethink dominates discussion of Iraq    (10/2002)

Debra Vitt     Engendering jubilee   (liberation vision)    (~1999)

Wesley Mission     Social irresponsibility – where lies the blame?    (~1999)

Malcolm Gould    Dr Ilaitia Delasau and Irene Kelemete    (04/2006)

Norman West
     Meeting Jesus again   (book review)    (~2000)
     Parents and families  –  a reflection    (~2001)

Robyn Westaway     Lawrence congregation    (~1998)

Noel Bracefield     The Sins of the Bible (Book Review)    (4/2006)

     Dunedin Methodist Mission    (9/2003)
     Celebrating Adam and Eve's 6000th birthday    (~1998)
     A Dunedin Methodist statement    (2000)
     The harmony of religions
     Is God a man?    (~1998)
     MCNZ Mission Statement
     Prayers for worship
     Quips and quotes
     Roger Award to Monsanto  –  news release
     Roger Award to Monsanto  –  basis    (~1999)
     WTO not needed in Seattle or anywhere
     Parish Says Thankyou to Evan Lewis as Webmaster
     Y@M - Stations of the Cross


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