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Lord Jesus
look on this we do



Lord Jesus,  Lord Jesus look on this we do.
These walls have risen up for you.
Take stone and glass and piece of wood,
and use them ever for your good.
Stand where we stand and dwell in us,
unlock our hearts to worship here.
that open unto you may be
the doors of this our sanctuary.

Lord Jesus,  Lord Jesus feed us with yourself,
O bread of life and spirit's health,
and if we wander from the way,
come near and shepherd us,  we pray.
Upon the pathway shed your light;
make us a branch in your true vine.
Come as we open unto thee
the doors of this our sanctuary.

Lord Jesus,  Lord Jesus meet us in our hearts,
reach out your hand,  dispel our doubts,
give us the faith that heals our souls,
renew the earth that round us rolls.
Open our lips to sing your praise;
our lives build stronger through the days.
To you may ever open be
the doors of this our sanctuary.


   Words by John Paisley
   music © Colin Gibson 1993

Permission is given to reproduce this material,  with acknowledgement,
for non-commercial use in a congregational or similar setting.


Note: The text,  taken from  Collected Poems by John Paisley (1990)  and originally titled  'Lines composed by a patient for the opening of the Chapel of Christ the Saviour',  was written by a Dunedin poet and artist who died in 1985,  after suffering for most of his life from a crippling mental disability.   It was commissioned by the chaplain at Cherry Farm Hospital.   John's one and only commission,  it deserves to be sung.

We regret that we have been unable to contact a present holder of the copyright.



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