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These hills



1. These hills where the hawk flies lonely,
beaches where the long surf rolls,
mountains where the snows reach heaven,
      these are our care.
Pastures where the sheep graze calmly,
orchards where the apples grow,
gardens where the roses cluster,
      these are our prayer.
2. Forests where the tree ferns tower,
rivers running strong and clear,
oceans where the great whales wander,
      these are our care.
Race meeting race as equals,
justice for age-old wrong,
worth for every man and woman,
      these are our prayer.
3. Cities where the young roam restless,
lives brought to deep despair,
homeless and powerless people,
      these are our care.
Places where the Word is spoken,
hands held in serving love,
faiths of our many cultures,
      these are our prayer.
4. All that the old world gave us,
all that the new world brings,
language,  ideas and customs,
      these are our care.
Life finding joy and value,
faith seeking truth and light,
God heard and seen in all things,
      this be our prayer.


   Words and music © Colin Gibson 1996

Permission is given to reproduce this material,  with acknowledgement,
for non-commercial use in a congregational or similar setting.



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