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Alleluia Aotearoa Why I like it      (Hilary Refveim)
Music and song
The role of hymns in worship tomorrow   (Colin Gibson)
The New Zealand landscape in our hymns
The  Vicar of Dibley  theme et al.
Music in the Air:  a bi-annual journal edited by John Thornley
New songs and hymns
Birthday carol
    What gift for the infant Christ?

Carol for a hard winter
    Christ comes again

Clothe the body in the rainbow robes of joy
    We're the chorus,  we're the band

Go,  so my parables live
    A sung dismissal,  by Marion Kitchingman and Malcolm Gould

Here to celebrate
    Hang out the hallelujahs!

I sing the grace of God within you,
    I know that grace within my soul

It all depends
    Faith for the journey

    A two-part song for a young singing group

Kingdom talk
    A talk-song based on  The Labourers in the Vineyard

Let there be respect for the earth
    Musical setting for the millennial resolution of Churches Together in England.

Lord Jesus,  look on this we do
    For the opening of a chapel

Lord, pull the stopper
      Help me to change,  and change with me      (Colin Gibson)

Lord,  turn our grieving into grace
    by Shirley Erena Murray and Colin Gibson

Love is a miracle
    Let's spread more miracles and wonders around

Mary's Song
    A version of the Magnificat,  by Marion Kitchingman and Malcolm Gould

May the anger of Christ be mine
    We too should be angry

Nothing is lost on the breath of God
    God's breath is love,  and that love will remain

Rainbow people
    The inclusiveness of the gospel

Rainbow steeple
    for all reconciling churches everywhere

There's a wideness in God's mercy
    An updated version of the great hymn by FW Faber

These hills
    Our care,  and our prayer

Voices of the earth
    If we only plunder,  if we always blunder,
    we may lose the wonder,  silence all the voices of the earth.

We are many,  we are one
    Colin Gibson's hymn,  written for the incoming President
   of the Methodist Church of NZ in 1998,  and widely used
   at the November 1998 national Conference.

We would be yes-sayers
    By Marion Kitchingman and Malcolm Gould

When angels rove the restless skies
    A Christmas song by Colin Gibson


The scores provided with these songs are GIF images,  easily off-loaded,  and adaptable for incorporation as a graphic in a wordprocessor file.   Except where a commercial firm's copyright is acknowledged,  permission is given to copy this material for non-commercial use in a church or similar setting.



Music and song

New Zealand is fortunate to possess a community of lively and skilled hymn writers and composers.   Eminent among these is Professor Colin Gibson (professor of English at Otago University) who is organist and choirmaster of our Mornington congregation,  and who composed most of the hymns presented here.

Collections of Colin's hymns and songs have been published in Britain and in the United States.
He is a major contributor to three compilations produced by the New Zealand Hymn Book Trust.
The details are:

Colin Gibson's e-mail address is:  colin.gibson@clear.net.nz



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