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by Susan Hamel in All Sorts, added
she represents a powerful inspiration for anyone who is brave enough to take on church and government to shelter the Holy Family.
by Laura Black in All Sorts, added
trying to identify why some people stay poor
the importance of their faith to those seeking social justice and reform.
by Bruce Spittle in All Sorts, added
The future of the church hinges on identifying what was core to our Judeo-Christian heritage; important values for a church are a concern for one another, love, compassion and a readiness to accept the other person
by David Poultney in Sermons, added
the struggle for worker's rights isn't over
by Rod Mitchell in All Sorts, added
Jesus’ coming is about demonstrating what life is all about in its fullest expression
by George Davis in All Sorts, added
should the Methodist Church of NZ increase its public profile?
connections between religious rituals and spirituality
by Rod Mitchell in All Sorts, added
How do we present our stories, our faith, and our spirituality to the world wide community?
by Trish Patrick in All Sorts, added
work for a living wage would be life enhancing for all spciety

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