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by Trish Patrick in All Sorts, added
taking the time to acknowledge people, place, and process, not just in the spiritual world but in the world of commerce, trade, sport, community, and health where the sacred is expressed through our everyday lives and activities. We live in community and are instructed to 'love our neighbour as ourselves' . This takes time, energy and resources.....it is slow love.
Living in the moment allows us access to a form of divine joy that is accessible to anyone.
the stories of the sheep and the goats tells us that it is not what they look like, but how they behave that is important and differentiates them.
by Trish Patrick in All Sorts, added
Living in the moment, and being present to the moment, means absorbing or savouring the experience as it unfolds.
review of salient points from Rosemary Riddell's memoir To Be Fair:confessions of a District Court Judge.
by Rod Mitchell in All Sorts, added
This essay explores the profound reasons why religious people need to reconnect with nature to nurture their spiritual well-being.

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