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by Euan Thomson in All Sorts, added
on the importance of physical contact for our well-being
by Greg Hughson in All Sorts, added
justice and peace exploring the connections between us, and the opportunities we have to say no to racism, hatred and violence.
by David Poultney in Sermons, added
It is the presence of the Holy Spirit which gives us the energy to work for the re-creation of the world, for the end of estrangement between peoples, for peace such as the world cannot give.
by Marcia Hardy in All Sorts, added
Jesus frequently sought silence and solitude; we should also appreciate the slower pace of life
by David Poultney in Sermons, added
it is the moment we are in that we are called to inhabit fully, to live in hopefully.
by David Poultney in Sermons, added
a new look at "the one in whom they live and move and have their being.”
by Colin Gibson in All Sorts, added
a new focus on the idea of home
by Colin Gibson in Articles, added
Methodists thinking about the future.

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