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David Kitchingman

thinking about how to express and experience transformative emotional impact of Jesus in our age
euthanasia is a question for the whole population, both young and aged and we and churches need to contribute constructively in the conversation that is required to move society forward on this issue.
The Reformation was not only an historical event with repercussions still being worked through today, but that further reformation as now required is of a very different order.
An exploration of new ways of thinking about God while acknowledging the profundity and emotional intensity of the God question.
examples from religion, art and sport highlight how the sublime and ridiculous seem like two sides of the same coin
discussion of the opposing beliefs about God - objectively real or a product of human thought
holiday experiences lead the writer to think about the importance of change in the physical world, society, individuals, god, and church.
42 attempts to solve the meaning of life
"a peculiar blend of scripture, tradition, reason and experience, can still serve to capture the ultimate singularity of the religious impulse"

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