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Ken Russell

The vulnerability paradox of weakness/strength, death/life has endless applications for those with eyes to see and faith to perceive.
evidence of the ability of Easter to summon joy from the ashes of sorrow
reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of the Parish and the opportunities for future expressions of faith
the writer shares a dream of the kind of church that could never abuse women, where there are no assumptions of sexual entitlement and the path of silence is not the one chesen.
In response to the bombing in Manchester, the writer suggests that a new Pentecost is possible providing positive potential to galvanise a generation of the world's youth to claim a better way, of peace, unity and mutual acceptance.
The Cross of Jesus is, and always was, a sign of love's uncompromising resistance against evil and a force for the good,
What shall we make of this cross ?
Have church leaders failed to explain and explore new theologies, or to speak up on controversial issues that challenge popular religious assumptions?
reflections on war and peace evoked by a recent movie on drone warfare
reflecting the vision of the gospel; catching the vision of a better life for women; equality between men and women, slave and free; the struggle goes on.

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